Texas-Lone Star State

May 22, 2016


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This page covers my travels through Texas.
It will include Amarillo, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Stephenville, San Antonio, Canyon Lake, Lake Travis, Navasota, Bellville, Stephenville, Crawford, Brenham, Wimberley, Onalaska, Lake Livingston, Hughes Springs, Galveston, Hamilton Pool, Washington on the Brazos, Port Aransas, Guadalupe River, Crystal Beach, Marfa, Lake Texoma, Longview, Lakota Ranch, El Paso, Granbury, Glen Rose, Fredericksburg, Luckenbach, Bandera, Llano & Kaufman.

These videos are of Lake Texoma
from our 7th journey

These videos are of Austin, Texas
from our 4th & 7th journey

Sheraton Austin at the Capital-7th Journey

state capital-7th Journey

state capital 3-7th Journey

6th Street-4th Journey

6th Street 3-4th Journey

Austin-7th Journey

state capital 2-7th Journey

Austin-4th journey

6th Street 2-4th Journey

6th Street 4-4th Journey

These videos are of Lake Travis, Hamilton Pool & Canyon Lake
from our 2nd & 4th journeys

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures-4th journey

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures 3-4th journey

On to Canyon Lake-2nd Journey

Lake Travis-2nd journey

Hamilton Pool 2-2nd journey

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures 2-4th journey

Guadalupe River-2nd journey

Canyon Lake-2nd Journey

Hamilton Pool-2nd journey

Hamilton Pool 3-2nd Journey

The next 8 videos are on San Antonio, Texas
from our 2nd & 4th journey

San Antonio-4th journey

Battle of the Alamo-4th journey

King William District-4th Journey

Missions-2nd journey

These videos are of Central Texas. They include Brenham,
Washington on the Brazos, Bellville, Kaufman, Navasota, Stephenville, Amarillo & Crawford
from our 3rd, 4th, 5th & 7th journeys

Brenham-5th Journey

Brenham 3-5th Journey

Kaufman-4th Journey

Washington on the Brazos-4th Journey

Stephenville & Crawford-4th journey

UFO Sighting Interview 2-4th journey

Austin County Jail-4th Journey

Brenham 2-5th journey

Texas Bluebonnets-7th Journey

Navasota-4th journey

Texas Backroads-4th Journey

UFO Sighting Interview-4th journey

Bellville-4th journey

Amarillo-3rd journey

These videos are on the slaughter of the White Buffalo
from our 4th journey

On May 11, 2011, a white buffalo calf named Lightning Medicine Cloud was born on the Lakota Buffalo Ranch of Arby Little Soldier who is a descendant of Sitting Bull. It was a day of celebration. The white buffalo has deep spiritual significance to the Native Americans, especially to the Lakotas. For an in length story of the legend, see my video below titled: “ The Legend of the White Buffalo by documentary filmmakers”.
In short, the white buffalo means that it is the beginning for all nations to mend and come together in peace, stop all the wars, and usher in the feminine (passive, intuitive, right brain) cycle.
A couple of weeks ago, someone, group or organization slaughtered the white buffalo calf. It was done in a gruesome style so as to leave a message.
The calf had been skinned, gutted and his ears hacked off. His head and black-tipped tail was all that remained. His mother died later of poisoning. And the father was killed by lighting that Arby witnessed himself. Arby said “I believe the person who did this wanted to let me know that they got me, and it did hurt me, but they did not stop the voice. I’ve been reassured that I was left to give the message of hope and unity for all nations”.
You can see Arby Little Soldier and his interview in two videos below.
The Hunt County Sherriff, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the state of Texas and even the Department of Homeland Security is getting involved. A reward for information to find who did this is growing from the support of people worldwide.
A Pow Wow had been planned for raising money for local scholarships and the birthday of Lighting Medicine Cloud-which turned out to be a memorial. Native Americans from many nations showed up to participate and give their support. This Pow Wow can be seen in the videos below.

On to the Lakota Ranch

Arby Little Soldier on the White Buffalo slaughtered

The Pow Wow-a tribute to the White Buffalo

The Pow Wow-Aztec Dancers-a tribute to the White Buffalo

The Legend of the White Buffalo by Documentary Filmmakers

Arby Little Soldier on the White Buffalo slaughtered 2

The Pow Wow-a tribute to the White Buffalo 2

The Pow Wow Finale-a tribute to the White Buffalo

These videos are of Hughes Springs, Longview,
Onolaska & Lake Livingston

from our 5th journey

Onalaska & Lake Livingston

Hughes Springs & Longview

These videos are of Houston & Dallas
from our 4th & 5th journeys

Dallas to Houston-4th journey

Holocaust Museum-4th journey

Houston Museum of Natural Science-4th journey

Pink Floyd-4th journey

Rice University-Hermann Park-4th journey

2012 Interview

Houston Museum of Natural Science 2-4th Journey

Black Sabbath-5th journey

These videos are of Port Aransas, Galveston & Crystal Beach
from our 2nd & 9th  journeys

Duck Tours (2nd Journey)

On to Galveston (2nd Journey)

On to Crystal Beach (2nd Journey)

On to Port Aransas (2nd Journey)

Kahootz Dolphin tour (2nd Journey)

Spring Break-Port Aransas (2nd Journey)

Baywatch Dolphin Tours (9th Journey)

Duck Tours 2 (2nd Journey)

Galveston (2nd Journey)

Crystal Beach (2nd Journey)

Port Aransas Beach (2nd Journey)

Kahootz Dolphin tour 2 (2nd Journey)

These videos are of Marfa, El Paso and a West Texas ranch
from our 2nd journey

These videos are of Granbury
from our 8th Journey

These videos are of Glen Rose
from our 8th Journey

These videos are of Fredericksburg & Luckenbach
from our 9th Journey





These videos are of Llano
from our 9th Journey



Noonday Collection

These videos are of Wimberley
from our 4th & 9th Journeys

Wimberley-4th journey

Dovetails of Wimberley-9th  journey

Wimberley Market-4th Journey

These videos are of Bandera
from our 9th Journey

Gran’s Country Cabins