Northern California

May 22, 2016


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This Northern California page includes Lake Davis, Walker Mine, Redding, Lassen Peak, Shasta Lake, Mt. Shasta, Calistoga, Napa, Grass Valley, Sacramento, John Muir Beach, Stinson Beach, Sebastopol, Lake Berryessa, Garberville, Avenue of the Giants, Arcata, Fortuna, Loleta, Eureka, Trinidad, Folsum Lake, Clear Lake, Lakeport, Plumas County, Dunsmuir, Scenic Highway 1, Rocklin, Mendocino County, Petaluma, Camino, Placerville & South Lake Tahoe.


The next 2 videos are of a Petrified Forest near Calistoga

Petrified Forest

Putah Creek

Petrified Forest 2


Check out this huge castle built around a vineyard.
A lifelong dream of the owner and the little town of Calistoga

Castello Di Amorosa Winery

Here is the town of Calistoga


These are videos from our 4th Journey

The next 3 videos of Northern California are of my experience riding
on a train through the vineyards of Napa Valley

Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Valley Wine Train 3

Napa Valley Wine Train 2

These videos are of Lake & Napa Counties
from our 4th journey

Here I am heading to Lake county. I took the long way there and ran into Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa

Here is a road out in the middle of nowhere

Knoxville Road

These videos of Napa are from our 3rd Journey

Jim Huffington of Montington Vineyards gave me a tour of his vineyard.

Montington Vineyards


These videos are from our 6th Journey

The next 2 videos of Northern California are of Camino & Placerville



These videos are of South Lake Tahoe
from our 7th journey

The next 4 videos are of my Heavenly Ski experience

My Heavenly Ski Trip

My Heavenly Ski Trip 3

Here’s our ski & snowboard sponsor

Shoreline of Tahoe Ski & Snowboard

My Heavenly Ski Trip 2

My Heavenly Ski Trip 4

Here is the town

South Lake Tahoe

These videos are of Fortuna & Loleta
from our 7th journey

Here is our first casino/resort sponsor

Bear River Casino

Here is a member of the Bear River Band telling the history of his tribe and of their casino

Barry Bernard

These are videos from our 5th Journey

The next 8 videos are of Trinidad, Arcata & Eureka

Here is Highway 299 from Redding to Arcata

Scenic Byway 299

The next 2 videos are of an ocean inlet in Trinidad

Trinidad Coastline


Eureka Boardwalk

Here I am heading to a secluded spot I discovered on my 3rd journey, I explain how to get there

On to Trinidad

Trinidad Coastline 2

Eureka-Old Town & Downtown

Here is my first Teppenyaki restaurant

Bayfront Restaurant

These videos are of Mendocino County
from my 5th Journey

Orr Springs Road

Montgomery Woods State Park 2

The next 2 videos are of a secluded unknown redwood forest that just happens to have some of the tallest trees in the world

Montgomery Woods State Park

This video is of Petaluma from our 5th Journey

Historic Downtown Petaluma


These videos of Northern California are of Plumas County

Lake Davis

Walker Mine

These videos are of Redding, California
from our 4th Journey

Lassen Peak

Sundial Bridge

These videos are of Dunsmuir
from our 4th Journey

Here I am heading to Dunsmuir. Check out the crags on the way

Dunsmuir, California

Here is the gardens

Dunsmuir Gardens

Here is a trail behind Cave Springs

Cave Springs Trail

These videos are of Mt. Shasta
from our 4th Journey

Here is my trip up the mountain

Mt. Shasta

Earthdance 2012 #2

The next 3 videos are of Earthdance 2012

Earthdance 2012

Earthdance 2012-Prayer for Peace

These videos of Northern California are of Rocklin & Sacramento
from our 3rd Journey

I’m going through Grass Valley on my way to Sacramento

Grass Valley

I just happen to be in Sacramento at the time of the state fair

California State Fair

From Grass Valley, I head to Sacramento via Rocklin

Rocklin & Sacramento

These videos are of Sebastopol & Scenic Highway 1
from our 3rd Journey

Hwy 1 & John Muir Beach

Sebastopol & Highway 116

Hwy 1 & Stinson Beach

Highway 1-Finale

These videos are of Garberville & the Avenue of the Giants
from our 3rd & 7th journeys

Garberville (7th Journey)

Avenue of the Giants-Founders Grove (3rd Journey)

Here is some more redwoods further north of the Avenue of the Giants and wait till you see an unadvertised remote beach shrouded in fog I found by accident in Trinidad. What a sight.

More Redwoods & Trinidad (3rd Journey)

Here are some of the tallest trees in North America-some over 350 feet high.

Avenue of the Giants-Visitors Center (3rd Journey)

Avenue of the Giants-Rockefeller Forest (3rd Journey)

These videos are of Folsom & Lake Berryessa
from our 3rd journey

Ducks at Folsom Lake

Nimbus Fish Hatchery

Hwy 29, Calistoga to Middleton

Bird Watchers

I’m on my way to Napa via Lake Berryessa. Check out the Monticello Dam

Lake Berryessa-Monticello Dam

These videos are of Lower Lake & Clear Lake-East Side
from our 3rd journey

Here’s is the Lower Lake and the east side of Clear Lake

Lower Lake & Clear Lake-Eastside

The next 2 videos are of a local yocal named
Carrie. She took me to find some diamonds…you heard right…and we found some. This was the first time a girl ever gave me diamonds. Then she took me to the local gold mine

Clear Lake Diamonds

Gold Mine

These videos are of Clear Lake-Westside
from our 3rd journey

Clear Lake-westside

Clear Lake-westside & Lakeport

These videos are from our 1st Journey

The next 2 videos of Northern California are of Geyserville & Hwy 101


Hwy 101, Northern California on to Oregon