New Orleans-The Big Easy

May 22, 2016


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Mardi Gras, New Orleans


This New Orleans page also includes Lafayette, Plaquemines Parish, Mardi Gras & Livingston

These videos are from our 9th Journey

French Quarter Festival

Bourbon Street

These next videos includes Mardi Gras
from our 4th & 7th Journeys

I found out Mardi Gras is celebrated from Galveston, Texas to New Orleans and beyond. So I decided to attend the event in 3 different places. The first was Lafayette, Louisiana. The second was in Baton Rouge, but it got rained out. So Mardi Gras in Lafayette is included

On to New Orleans-Bourbon Street-7th journey

Royal & Bourbon St-7th journey

Mardi Gras in Lafayette-4th journey

Mardi Gras 2-4th journey

Jackson Square & Royal St-7th journey

Bourbon St-7th journey

Mardi Gras-4th Journey

Mardi Gras 3-4th journey

These 5 videos are the last of the 3rd journey. They include the charity that benefited from our sponsors-The “Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary”-I didn’t want to pick one where 95% of the proceeds would go to admin and that our small contribution would make a big difference. Leslie Latt started this sanctuary and I couldn’t film the wildlife that was being rehabilitated but I saw her volunteers taking care of the animals they were rehabilitating. It’s a feeling that I can’t put into words. It takes a special breed (no pun intended) to take on this task. I got help from a local-Sandy-to make the final stop on this 3rd journey. It’s been an experience.
Thanx to all the sponsors, hosts, interviewees and fans

Here are videos of New Orleans from our 2nd journey

On to New Orleans

Jackson Square

Bourbon St by day

Bourbon street at night 2

Cooking Class

Cooking Class 3

End of 2nd Journey 2

Plaquemines Parish 2