New Orleans-The Big Easy

May 22, 2016


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Mardi Gras, New Orleans


This New Orleans page also includes Lafayette, Plaquemines Parish, Mardi Gras & Livingston

These videos are from our 9th Journey

Jazz Quarters

French Quarter Festival

Bourbon Street

These next videos includes Mardi Gras
from our 4th & 7th Journeys

I found out Mardi Gras is celebrated from Galveston, Texas to New Orleans and beyond. So I decided to attend the event in 3 different places. The first was Lafayette, Louisiana. The second was in Baton Rouge, but it got rained out. So Mardi Gras in Lafayette is included

On to New Orleans-Bourbon Street-7th journey

Royal & Bourbon St-7th journey

Mardi Gras in Lafayette-4th journey

Mardi Gras 2-4th journey

Jackson Square & Royal St-7th journey

Bourbon St-7th journey

Mardi Gras-4th Journey

Mardi Gras 3-4th journey

These 5 videos are the last of the 3rd journey. They include the charity that benefited from our sponsors-The “Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary”-I didn’t want to pick one where 95% of the proceeds would go to admin and that our small contribution would make a big difference. Leslie Latt started this sanctuary and I couldn’t film the wildlife that was being rehabilitated but I saw her volunteers taking care of the animals they were rehabilitating. It’s a feeling that I can’t put into words. It takes a special breed (no pun intended) to take on this task. I got help from a local-Sandy-to make the final stop on this 3rd journey. It’s been an experience.
Thanx to all the sponsors, hosts, interviewees and fans

Street Musicians

Street Musicians 3

Wings of Hope 2

Street Musicians 2

Wings of Hope

Here are videos of New Orleans from our 2nd journey

On to New Orleans

Jackson Square

Bourbon St by day

Bourbon street at night 2

Cooking Class

Cooking Class 3

End of 2nd Journey 2

Plaquemines Parish 2

City Tour

Jackson Square 2

Bourbon St at night

Bourbon st at night 3

Cooking Class 2

End of 2nd Journey

Plaquemines Parish