Mexico-“Libertad & Cultura”

May 22, 2016


teotihuacan-pyramid of the sun-Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun

This page has Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel, Islas Mujeres, Puerto Penasco aka Rocky Point, Sonoyta, Caborca, Pitiquito, Hermosillo, Bahia de Kino, Navajoa, San Carlos, Mazatlan, Guadalajara, Leon, San Miguel de Allende, Tepic, Guanajuato, Mexico City, Canada de la Virgen Pyramid, Teotihuacan, San Martin, the Pyramid of the Sun, Avenue of the Dead & The Pyramid of the Moon


Here we are on our first day. We took a local bus from our hotel
to the where the ferry goes to Islas Mujeres (island of women)

Cancun-Our first day

Here is the little island of Islas Mujeres

Islas Mujeres

Cancun Party Zone 2

We took a ferry from Playa del Carmen to the island of Cozumel

Playa del Carmen to Cozumel ferry

We decided to rent a scooter and take a tour of Cozumel

Cozumel on a scooter

La Isla Shopping Village Sunset

The next 2 videos are of the ferry ride to Islas Mujeres

Islas Mujeres Ferry

Islas Mujeres Ferry 2

On our first night, we headed to the Cancun party zone-a collection of nightclubs close together

Cancun Party Zone

On our 2nd day, we took a shuttle from downtown 40 miles south to the village of Playa del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen

Here is the island of Cozumel


These last 2 videos are of La Isla Shopping Village. It has a boardwalk where you can eat and enjoy the sunset

La Isla Shopping Village

These 4 videos are of Rocky Point from our 4th Journey

I left Tuscon on the morning of July 10th from Tuscon. My friends who I’ve have known for 20 years-Butch & Liz-put me up in anticipation of my Mexico trip.

So in this video, I’m heading out from Tucson.

On To Mexico

A tour company-Penasco Recreation Company-took me on a tour of Mt. Pinacate

Penasco Recreation Company-Mt. Pinacate Tour

Here I am heading to Rocky Point.
Take a look at the mysterious mountain that NASA used for moon simulations

Rocky Point

In the video, the tour company took us to an Oyster Farm, downtown Penasco and Cholla Bay

Penasco Recreation Company-Oyster Farm & Cholla Bay

The next 5 videos are more of Rocky Point from our 4th Journey

In this video, you’ll all the abundant life in the Sea of Cortez

Sea of Cortez Life

Here is my walking tour

El Malecon Walking Tour

Michiel from took me to a cemetary to film the “Dia De Muerto” (day of the dead)

Dia de Muerto

Here is a drive thru the most popular place to visit

El Malecon

Here is the oldest and most famous bar

JJ’s Cantina

The next 5 videos are more of Rocky Point from our 4th Journey

Here is a lodging sponsor

Rocky Point Rally-Bikers & Bikes

The next 4 videos are of the Rocky Point Rally

Rocky Point Rally-El Malecon

Rocky Point Rally-Music & People

Rocky Point Rally-Girls (Muchachas)

The next 8 videos are of Sonoyta, Caborca, Hermosillo and
Bahia de Kino (Old & New Kino) from the 4th journey

I had to head to Sonoyta/Lukeville border from Rocky Point first to get my FMM tourist card. Then I went through Caborca to Pitiquito to get my car permit

Sonoyta, Caborca, Pitiquito

Here I’m heading to Bahia De Kino. Check out this sunset

On to Bahia De Kino

While I was in Kino, 2 famous musicians known all over the Sea of Cortez were playing at the Hacienda Hotel in Old Kino-Mark Mulligan and Rob Mehl

Mark Mulligan

Here I am heading through Hermosillo


Here is my Kino lodging sponsor

Casablanca Inn, Hotel, Restaurant & Bar

Here is Old Kino

Old Kino (Kino Viejo)

Rob Mehl

The next 7 videos are of San Carlos & Mazatlan from the 4th journey

Here I am headed to San Carlos

On to San Carlos

I went from the state of Sonora and entered Sinaloa

State of Sinaloa

It just so happens that both my sister were vacationing in Mazatlan.
What timing ha? That’s how magic this whole journey has been

Diana Sings & Lindimoo interview

Diana, my other sister has been singing professionally since she was 15. She has been in various bands and now she started to play the flute. She will have a cd out soon. Check it out.

Diana Sings

Here is San Carlos

San Carlos

Here is Mazatlan


I spent only one night in San Carlos when I found out my sisters were in Mazatlan. So I drove 500 miles in one day to see them. Both my sisters are professional musicians. So Lindi pulled out her guitar and sang a special song for me. What a treat.


The next 8 videos are of Tepic, Guadalajara and Leon from the 4th journey

Here I am on Highway 15 heading out of Mazatlan

On to Tepic

The reason I went to Leon is because I met Luzma and Alma in Mazatlan and they invited me to film their city. Their family just happen to have a baptism party. A tradition in Mexico.
The next 2 videos are of this party

Baptism Party, Leon, Guanajuato

My Leon host Alma, took me on a walking tour of Leon
The next four videos are the city center

Leon, Guanajuato-Templo Expiatorio

Leon, Guanajuato-Plaza Principal

In this video, I go through Guadalajara and enter Leon

Guadalajara & Leon

Baptism Party 2, Leon, Guanajuato

In this video, we ran into a reporter of one of the biggest tv stations in Mexico.
He wanted to interview me on the 2012 question

Leon, Guanajuato-Plaza Expiatorio

Leon, Guanajuato-La Catedral

The next 5 videos are of San Miguel De Allende from the 4th journey

I’m heading out of Leon and go through the city of Guanajuato. I drive on my first non-toll highways to get there. The reason I’m heading towards San Miguel is that I heard about a pyramid 20 kilometers outside the city. I arrived there at 9am but the tours of the pyramid don’t start til 10am. So instead of waiting around, I headed to San Miguel to have my morning coffee. Holy Crap, it was the most beautiful city I’ve seen in Mexico and I almost missed it by that much.
On to San Miguel

San Miguel-the Streets

The next 4 videos are of this city full of cobblestone streets & sidewalks

San Miguel-Parroquia-San Miguel de Archangel

San Miguel-Plaza Principal & Templo San Francisco

San Miguel at night

The next 5 videos are of the Canada de la Virgen Pyramid from the 4th journey

I just found out about a newly discovered pyramid near San Miguel de Allende,
so I had to check it out. It was the first pyramid I went to on this journey

Canada de la Virgen Pyramid

Now I enter Complex B & D

Canada de la Virgen Pyramid-Complex B & D

And now for the grand finale, I walk up the pyramid

Canada de la Virgen Pyramid-the Pyramid

Here I am taking a 1 kilometer walk up to the pyramid and I see the garden first

Canada de la Virgen Pyamid-The Garden

Here is some more of complex B and then I enter the Pyramid itself

Canada de la Virgen-Complex B & A

The next 5 videos are of the Pyramid of the Sun from the 4th journey

Here are two little towns surrounding the pyramid

Teotihuacan & San Martin, Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun-Ciudadela

Pyramid of the Sun-Temple of Quetzalcoatl 2

Pyramid of the Sun entrance

Pyramid of the Sun-Temple of Quetzalcoatl

The next 3 videos are of the Avenue of the Dead from the 4th journey

Pyramid of the Sun-Avenue of the Dead

Pyramid of the Sun-Avenue of the Dead 3

Pyramid of the Sun-Avenue of the Dead 2

The next 2 videos are of the Pyramid of the Moon from the 4th journey

Pyramid of the Moon

Pyramid of the Moon 2

The last 4 videos are of the Pyramid of the Sun & Mexico City from the 4th journey

Pyramid of the Sun

Pyramid of the Sun 3

Pyramid of the Sun 2

Mexico City