May 22, 2016


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Mena was born because of a dream and financial wisdom of one railway company promoter, a Mr. Arthur Stillwell. In the latter half of the 19th century, he was working the Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Gulf Railway company. It was his job to devise a method to expand the railway, and therefore increase the companies income.
In 1897, the railway was complete with the last stake driven 12 miles north of Beaumont, Texas
Mena was born August 19, 1896 as a convenient point between Fort Smith and Texarkana. Her purpose was to allow a boarding point for west-central Arkansas, and an offloading point for the Rich Mountain Resort. “Mena” was the pet name of Arthur Stillwell’s wife, Jeni, and as a gesture to his importance, he was allowed to name the town after it.

These 3 videos are from our 3rd Journey

In the first video titled “On to Mena”, I am traversing across Oklahoma and Arkansas on my way to Mena. I show you how to get to our lodging sponsor-Dreamland Vacation Rentals. The next 2 videos are of Mena and I show the Scenic Talimena Drive on the way to Queen Wilhelmina Park

On to Mena

Queen Wilhelmina Park


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Catfish-Rosewood Manor

Shady Cabana

Back to Africa


Hillside Castle

Noah’s Ark