Ireland is Forever

May 22, 2016

This page is of our travels in IRELAND



Blarney Castle

These travels through Ireland include:
Dublin, Port of Dublin, Clontarf, Kilbeggen, St. Ciaran Abbey, Galway, Cliffs of Moher, Kinvarra, The Burrens, Corcomroe Abbey, Killarney, Blarney Castle, Adare, Trinitarian Abbey, Kilkenny, Rock of Dunamace and the Rock of Cashel

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Ireland, Ireland, Ireland……We finally made it!!!!!!!

Why do I say that?
First off, let me say….”Top of the Mornin’ to ya”
Our Ireland ‘trip history’ goes like this-
On September 2, after traveling over 10,000 miles and producing over 100 videos, the final leg of the first tour was about to happen-Ireland, England and Scotland. Ok, delete England and Scotland, from this. I had spent too much money already and needed to bring some in. So I decided to book a trip to Ireland for 7 days.
I was finally going to Ireland
I headed to the Boston/Logan Airport and at the ticket counter the gal swiped my passport, then she swiped it a few more times. Giving me a glare- like I was a terrorist-she summoned another agent next to her, next thing you know a group of them were gathering.

What’s the problem Mam? I stuttered
Giving me another glare, she replied “I don’t know sir, wait right here, I’ll be back” in that Schwarzenegger tone. I was ready to run like OJ over the Hertz counter and flee, when they figured the problem out.
“Sir, you passport expired in May”, he said.
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!
I drove back to Vegas with no stops at all except to sleep and visit my niece in Kentucky (her video will be at the end of this page) so I could renew my passport.
On October 7, I was finally off to Ireland and since I had already lost money on my first fare, I looked for the best deal no matter how many stops-and that’s exactly what I got. I went to LA first, sat for three hours; did an overnighter to Boston, sat another 3 hours; then to JFK for an 8 hour layover.
I landed in Dublin after an overnighter from JFK on October 8.
That’s my Ireland trip saga and I’m sticking to it!

Ok folks, my show is evolving and I’m changing things again to make it better.
This Ireland page will mark the first time I’m explaining the videos with text-a blog, if you will for each video. I’m turning the saying ‘a picture says a 1,000 words’ around to ‘words gives the picture a 1,000 times more meaning’.
Another change starting with this Ireland Page will be that we’ll be doing a video every couple of days instead of putting all the videos for one page on the same day.
That way you will see the story evolving video by video, not page by page.
This will make it more fascinating to my viewers who will hopefully click more on the website and improve it’s ratings.

Ok, let’s get on with it!

Naked Cowboy-New York Times Square

This first video is actually not on Ireland but New York City….NEW YORK CITY?
Come on folks, I was on an 8 hour layover at JFK, and after layovers in LA and Boston, I got tired of hanging around airports-so I decided to take the Subway to New York City.
JFK has free shuttles to subway points near the airport. I hopped on one to Jamaica Station, which was about a half-mile from the airport. I paid 7 dollars for a pass and it took about 45 minutes to get to Manhattan. Now this was an experience just by itself, and I wasn’t about to take some video of all the characters in the Subway for fear of retribution. I asked a rider where the best spot to view Manhattan was and with his advice I ended up near the Times Square stop.
What a maze of steps, tunnels and characters getting to the street level. When I finally emerged…WOOOOOOOOW!!!

I walked up a block or two to Times Square and what a sight. I ran into a Jewish celebration that was going on and the famous “Naked Cowboy”.
That’s right, the NAKED COWBOY!

Times Square-Naked Cowboy

Here is the double decker bus I took from the airport to Dublin. I ran into some Brazilian tourists. What was neat is that the bus had a screen with videos of information on Dublin.
Take a look for yourself:

Double Decker Bus-Airport to Dublin

This video is of Downtown Dublin. Now Dublin and county has about 1.4 million population.
Dubh linn (pronounced dove-lin) in Irish, which means black pool, which is the location of where the two rivers-the Poddle and Liffey meet. I got dropped off on O’ Connell street, it is one of the widest streets in Europe. The spire you’ll see is 120 feet high and the building across from it is the post office (one of the last great public buildings of the Georgian era). Also in the video is a statue of James Joyce (1882-1941), one of the greatest writers of all time and Dublin’s most famous, he wrote Ulysses. Other noted Irish writers are Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) best know for Gullivers Travels; and Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)one of his plays is The Importance of Being Earnest.
I had to take another bus to get to my bed and breakfast in Clontarf. I ran into Mark, a bus driver who was very cordial and helped me out with the right pubs to go to (my kind of guy).

Downtown Dublin

Here is Clontarf castle, one of the many castles in Ireland. This one is located right in a Dublin neighborhood. I took a double decker bus on the afternoon of my first day. I used my all day pass I bought at the airport for 6 euros. In this video you’ll see Dublin suburbs from the second story of the bus. What’s neat is that they have to trim the trees all the time so they don’t hit the top of the bus. At the end of this 130 bus route is Clontarf Castle, a really small castle by Ireland standards as you will see from castles in upcoming videos. I think it’s used as a restaurant/lounge now. I also visited a cemetery that is part of the old castle grounds. I hopped back on the bus to my B&B of which you’ll see a little of Dublin Bay.

Clontarf Castle-outside

Ok, I was told from Kathleen, the owner of the B&B I stayed in that I only saw the Clontarf castle entrance, there was a walkway, and inside was the actual castle; OK, sorry folks I boo-booed. I’ll just have to make it up to Ireland later when I come back.

The next 2 videos are of Dublin Bay and the Port of Dublin

This beautiful walkway is only block and half away from Sanctuary Cove B&B. On this walk is a bird sanctuary, a golf course, a beach and a long narrow isthmus where you can see lighthouses and the ferries and cargo ships coming in.
In this video, you’ll see a long wooden one lane car bridge. You’ll also see a golfer, notice he’s golfing in a field that’s just adjacent to the course.

Dublin Bay

In this video you’ll see a sign that Captain Bligh sailed into this port; some local Irish swimmers in the freezing water; a beach; a long narrow isthmus with a memorial at the end; fishermen, a ship and some more lighthouses.
I added some footage of some more ships coming in from my room. You’ll notice where I started my walking tour-you can see the wooden bridge in the distance.

Port of Dublin

These next two videos are of Downtown Dublin and Temple Bar.
Ok folks, this is still the first day. I arrived at 6am, double-deckered it to downtown Dublin; checked in my B&B; took a jet lag nap; bussed it to Clontarf Castle; did the beautiful Dublin Bay walk; and capped it off with some more of Downtown Dublin and some entertainment at Temple Bar.


In this video, you’ll know it’s the afternoon-evening in Dublin. I took another double decker to downtown and ran into a traffic jam. You’ll see more of O’ Connell street when it crosses the Liffey river; the home of Baileys Irish cream and you’ll see the stunning architecture of some of the buildings on my way to Temple Bar.

Temple Bar

In this video, I’m at Temple Bar. It is home to more than 50 contemporary arts and cultural centers. Of course, I focused on the most important part-IT’S PARTY CENTRAL-with tons of pubs, hotels and shops. I got familiar with the hometown brew-Guinness-it’s brewery is located in the St. James Gate (another part of town) and the most visited attraction in Dublin-go figure-you get a free pint of Guinness and a view of Dublin from atop it’s bar. It’s been home to the black stuff since 1759, when Arthur Guinness signed a lease for 9,000 years. Now I never went to the brewery, but trust me, I got familiar with the brand.
I interviewed some tourists at Oliver St. John Gogarty’s Irish pub-this is also where I had my first taste of Irish stew. I saw leprechauns and some antics going on in these cobblestone streets
Check it out if you don’t believe me!

Temple Bar 2

The next 2 videos are of Irish Music at Temple Bar in Dublin

Here’s what you been waiting for-Irish Music. Now this is still the first day…I mean night and I did some bar…pub-hopping in search of Irish Music. I made the rounds in Temple Bar and area and filmed an array of solo artists and bands. Some in the streets and some in the pubs. Some sang American music (like the Blues brothers wannabes) and some sang U2 (the most famous Irish rock band). By the way, this is how U2 and Sinead O’ Connor got their start-right on these streets and pubs.
Of course, I had to get in the Irish spirit and feast on the local brew-Guinness-of which I gave a small shpeel in earlier texts. Now this is also the home to Bushmills and Jameson whiskey, of which I decided to lay off. I actually ran into an Irish dude who belonged to a whiskey drinking club-he was doing his chapters work-test tasting a shot of 12 year old whiskey and explaining to me the different events his club has done, in an unsluring manner.
Here are some of the local pubs names that I hopped-Oliver St. Johns Gogarty’s, Farringtons, The Auld Dubliner, Quays and a few others that slipped my Guinness mind.
Check this music out:

Irish Music

In this next video is some more Irish Music. I went pub hopping in another section of Dublin and ran into the The Celt Pub. Now when I went in, I ran into two old Irish men that I met that kept buying me pints of Guinness and wishing me a good time in Ireland. What Irish hospitality! Now the 4 man local Irish band that was playing was cramped in a little booth-they didn’t care- and the people were in this spirit you could feel. It was a slice of Irish music heaven.
You can see one of the old Irish men that I first met listening to the music as I zoomed in on him.
At the end of this video is one more street musician.
Enjoy the music.

Irish Music 2


In this next video you’ll see  two kinds of Irish dancing.
In the first kind I went to O’ Shea’s pub just down the street from the Celt. It was a bunch of Irish people dancing together and switching partners. Now folks, just so you can fathom the scale of my work, all the last 9 videos you seen were all filmed on the first day-O’ Shea’s was the last-HEY, it’s tough job but somebody has to do it!
The next Irish dance you’ll see was filmed on the second night. I went to another part of Temple Bar and went to the Arlington hotel and saw some Irish dancers on the stage-I had to go in and film them don’t you know.
So check these dancers out!

Irish Dancing


I took a 3 day, 2 night Paddywagon Tours out of Dublin. They have all kinds of tours from 1 to 10 days all over different parts of Ireland. Accommodations are included.

Paddy Wagon Tours

In this next video, I interview Joe, our tour driver and he’s taking us on a tour through Dublin first before we head out to the Irish Countryside.

Paddywagon Tours 2

We are making a stop in Kilbeggen at an Irish Whiskey Distillery and stopping at an old Irishmen’s house that has a thatched roof.


In this next video we are touring the Irish countryside heading to Saint Ciaran Abbey. You’ll notice how thin some of these roads are. Now Joe explained to us the origin of Saint Patrick-you know my favorite annual party celebration-that I took for granted. For the first time I actually found out why it is celebrated in Ireland and not the commercial purposes we celebrate it in the states.
Now the Saint Ciaran Abbey was named after it’s founder Saint Ciaran of Clonmacnoise. He was born in 516 and was one of the founders of monastism in Ireland. He founded the abbey in 548 and died a year later of the yellow plague. It’s next to the scenic Shannon River. Check it out.

St. Ciaran Abbey

 The City Of Galway

The next four videos are of the city of Galway. It’s located on the west coast of Ireland and is the fourth largest. One of the names that tour company’s give for this city of over 70,000 is “The party capital of Ireland. The name the Irish give it is the “City of Tribes”. In the 1400’s, there began a rule of the Tribes. As the fourteen leading families were called. They were the Athy, Blake, Bodkin, Brown, D’arcy, Deane, Ffont, French, Joyce, Kirwan, Lynch, Martin, Morris and Skerritt.
In this first video we are entering Galway and Joe takes us on a mini driving tour of downtown. This is our first night of the tour, so we checked in the Hostel and walked the city.
Now Galway has alot of young people as you will notice as I’m walking through the square.
Check it out.

City of Galway

In this video, I’m walking through the shopping district on the way to the “Temple bar” of Galway. Where the street is closed off just for pedestrians. And we have our first street musician. Two guys playing Jimi Hendrix. Check it out.

Galway 2

This video shows more of the young people of Ireland and I end up going through a maze of walkways. I run into flea market type shops and a farmers market.
Then I head back to the shops and run into another street musician and interview her.

Galway 3

This last video is of street musicians. Now after much walking and touring downtown. I decided to lay up the camera, stop working and just enjoy the nightlife of Galway. As it turns out, I thought, maybe I should of brought my camera. I walked in a crowded bar in the main shopping district called the Kings Head Pub, not knowing what was going on. It was a huge two story pub with a band stage at the end. There were people dressed up in all kinds of colors. It was so crowded that I asked this young couple if I could sit with them-they were vacationing away from the kids. We were sitting almost next to the stage, but the stage had a huge roll down screen. So I asked them, what is the hoopla all about?
“It’s Ireland against Italy”, they proudly proclaimed. HOLY CRAP, I should’ve known.  A soccer match…or as the Irish and all the rest of the world, except the USA would say…FOOTBALL. There were local football teams sporting their colors-one that really stood out or rather falling down was an all girl team, who later on were dancing on the tables and crashing them. Who said girls couldn’t keep up with the boys?
Another type of crowd was groups of girls letting people know they were stags, otherwise known in Ireland as “Hens”. They wore these hats to let everyone know.
After Ireland beat Italy, a band came on and played everything from Johnny Cash to U2. No wonder they call Galway the “Party Capital”.
Should I have filmed these shenanigans? The only record of it will be in my Guinness mind.
The last part of this video is of the breakfast layout at the hostel the next morning.

Galway 4

Corcomroe Abbey

It is located in the north of the Burren region in County Clare, a few miles east of the village of Ballyvaughan. It was constructed between 1205 and 1210. The abbey is noted for its detailed carving and other rich ornamentation.
The last part of this video is a stop at an Irish wishing well and…well check it out!

Corcomroe Abbey

These next two videos are of the Cliffs of Moher.

They were nominated for one of the new seven wonders of the world. Check it out.

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher 2

The Village of Adare and the Trinitarian Abbey

Adare is regarded as the most prettiest and picturesque village in Ireland. It is situated on the river Maigue, one of the tributaries of the Shannon river.
The Trinitarian Abbey was originally built for the Fitzgerald clan for the Trinitarian order of Monks in the early 13th century. This order of friars was originated in France for the purpose of raising ransom money in order to rescue christian captives taken, by the Moors, during the crusades. It is a Catholic church now.

Trinitarian Abbey

Touring the countryside next to the town of Killarney

The countryside all around the town is famous for it’s scenery. I briefly show the town as we drive through it and interview 3 of my fellow tourers from Taiwan. Killarney is also our second night of the tour. We stayed at Paddywagon’s hostel.

Killarney Countryside

The next 4 videos are of the Blarney Castle

This stop actually marks the first time I get to go into a castle and all the way to the top, which is where the Blarney stone is.
Now the castle was built in 1446 by one of Ireland’s great cheiftans, Cormac McCarthy. Although the legend of the Blarney Stone has many stories, from being the rock that Moses tapped water out of; Jacob’s pillow; to when an old witch that was saved from drowning by a King of Muster, rewarded him with a spell that if he would kiss the stone at the castle’s top, he would be given the power of speech that would win all to him.
No matter what the legend, they all point to one truth, kiss the stone and you will have “eloquent speech” other words to describe it were “flattery; the “ability to coax”; or my favorite “bullshit”.

In this first video we walk the grounds leading up to the castle and I run into a couple from Australia. The grounds are as breathtaking as the castle!!!!!!

Blarney Castle

I make it to the top and what stunning views.
You get to witness people kissing the Blarney Stone and the legend lives on!

Blarney Castle 3

In this video, I enter the castle and start going up. Notice how tight the staircase is.

Blarney Castle 2
This last video is of the grounds in the back of the castle. Like I said before, the grounds are just as breathtaking as the castle.

Blarney Castle 4

In the next 2 videos are two castle ruins-the Rock of Cashel and the Rock of Dunamace.
But first we make a stop in the town of Kilkenny.

In this video is the town of Kilkenny, now I make a boo-boo by saying it’s Cashel-that’s later on.
Kilkenny  began as a ecclesiastical foundation in the early sixth century. In 1609, King James 1 of England gave it a royal charter. The city is know for it’s medeival buildings and castles. Later in this video we make a stop at the Rock of Cashel located in the heart of Tipperary county (you know, the one made famous by the song “it’s a long way to Tipperary”). It is the most breathtaking I’ve seen yet. The only problem was…we stopped at the side of the road to see it-even then it was an awesome sight to witness. It dates back to the 1100’s and was the traditional seat of the Kings of Muster. It is reputed to be the site of the conversion of the King of Muster by Saint Patrick in the Fifth Century.

Kilkenny & Rock of Cashel

Rock of Dunamace

Ok folks, this is the last stop of our tour before we head back to Dublin. When we got to the rock, I saw Irish gypsy families parked in their travel trailer at the site with Johnny Cash blaring out of their boom box . You can see some of them at the end of this video, I would’ve interviewed them but they seemed a little eerie.
The castle was erected in the second half of the 12th century. It is on a hill with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. On the way back, we passed by the site of the battlefield in the movie “Braveheart”. It was filmed in Ireland instead of Scotland for tax reasons.

Rock of Dunamace

These are the last two videos on Ireland. I’m back in Dublin from the Paddywagon tour for my last two nights.
In this video Steve put me up for a night at the Paddy’s Palace Hostel. On my last full day I toured Dublin and made some stops at a famine memorial, a ship named the Jeanie Johnson and a memorial to Irish sailors. Check it out.


Trinity College

The Ride back To Vegas

This marks the end of my first journey for the show. I logged over 13,000 miles on my truck and that’s not including flying from Vegas to Ireland and back.
If you read the beginning of this page, you will have found out that I already took this drive back to Vegas before I made it to Ireland, so this video was made at the beginning of October when I had to drive straight back to get my passport re-issued.
I went through the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.
In this last video you will see some of the state signs and a stop I made in Lexington, Kentucky to visit my niece Powers.

Thanx to all my family members who put me up; my riders off of Craigslist; the sponsors who made this trip easier on my expense account; and to all the participants in the filming process.

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