Arizona-Grand Canyon State

May 22, 2016


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This page covers my journeys through Arizona.
It includes Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Seligman, Lake Powell, Page, Prescott, Show Low, Pinetop/Lakeside, Sedona, Tucson, Williams, Tombstone, Grand Canyon-North & South Rims, Bisbee, Mt. Lemmon, Meteor Crater, Painted Desert, Petrified National Forest, Navajo Reservation, Canyon De Chelley, Ganado, Chinle, Winslow, Lake Havasu City, Parker, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Lake Mary, Mormon Mountain, Highway 191, Tombstone, Bisbee, Arizona Renaissance, Cottonwood, Tuzigoot National Monument & Flagstaff

These next videos are of Lake Havasu & The Parker Strip
from our 8th Journey

The next videos are of Seligman-the Birthplace of Historic Route 66
from our 2nd & 7th Journeys

Route 66 from the 2nd Journey

History of Route 66-Angel Delgadillo

These videos are of the Lake Powell area
from the 6th  & 7th Journeys

Their are 5 videos are of “My history” with the area. I lived here for 12 years.
I give you a narration as I go along

Lake Powell-my history-Big Water, Utah

Lake Powell-my history 3-Wahweap Bay

Lake Powell-my history 5-Page, Arizona

Page, Arizona

Into the Grand Entertainment & Dance Hall-Raft Exhibit

Antelope Canyon Boat Tour (7th journey)

These videos in Arizona are of Sedona
from our 4th & 5th Journeys

Sedona (4th Journey)

Jeep Tour (4th Journey)

Thunder Mountain Stupa (4th Journey)

Bell Rock 2 from 5th Journey

On to Sedona (4th Journey)

Slide Rock (4th Journey)

Jeep Tour 2 (4th Journey)

Bell Rock from 5th journey

Bell Rock 3 from 5th Journey

These videos in Arizona are of Flagstaff
from my 4th Journey

These videos are of Prescott
from our 2nd & 7th Journeys

Prescott from 2nd Journey

Lynx Lake from 7th Journey

On to Prescott from 2nd Journey

Watson & Goldwater lakes from 2nd journey

Whiskey Row from 2nd Journey

These videos are Winslow, Meteor Crater
The Petrified National Forest and the Painted Desert
from our 5th Journey

These videos are of the Navajo Reservation,
Canyon De Chelley & Hwy 191 Rock Monuments
from our 5th journey

These videos are of Williams &
the South & North Rim of the Grand Canyon
from our 2nd & 7th Journeys

North Rim from 7th journey

North Rim 3 from 7th Journey

Grand Canyon (2nd Journey)

Grand Canyon 3 (2nd Journey)

Grand Canyon 5 (2nd Journey)

Grand Canyon 7 (2nd Journey)

These next videos are of Phoenix & Glendale from our 7th & 9th Journey

Opa Life Greek Cafe-Glendale

Phoenix Mountain Preserve 2

Phoenix Mountain Preserve

These videos are of Show Low & Pinetop from our 4th Journey

Hwy 77 through Salt Canyon

Showlow & Pinetop/Lakeside

These videos are of Mt. Lemmon & Tuscon
from our 2nd & 4th Journeys

Mt Lemmon from our 2nd Journey

4th Avenue at Night (4th Journey)

Desert Museum 2 (4th Journey)

Desert Museum 4 (4th Journey)

On to Tuscon (4th Journey)

Desert Museum 1 (4th Journey)

Desert Museum 3 (4th Journey)

Sahuaro National Park-Picture Rocks (4th Journey)

These next videos are on Tombstone & Bisbee
from our 2nd Journey

These next videos are of Wickenburg
from our 8th & 9th Journey

Wickenburg Station Restaurant (9th)

Vulture Mine Road (9th Journey)

Wickenburg (8th Journey)

Vulture City Ghost Town (9th Journey)

These videos are of the Navajo Reservation
from our 8th Journey

These videos are of Page & Lake Powell, Arizona
from our 9th Journey

On to Lake Powell

Lake Powell-Antelope Canyon

Lake Powell-Navajo Canyon 2

Page Boy Motel

Lake Powell-Lone Rock, Glen Canyon Dam

Lake Powell-Navajo Canyon

These videos are of the Arizona Renaissance Festival
from our 9th Journey

Renaissance Festival 2

Renaissance Festival-The Shows

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival-The People

This video is of Globe & Miami
from our 9th Journey

Hwy 60 on the Globe/Miami

These videos are of Cottonwood
from our 9th Journey

Rio Verde RV Park

The Cowboy Shop

Cottonwood & Tuzigoot National Monument