May 22, 2016


Akaka Falls, Big Island, Hawaii

Monument Valley, Utah

Monument Valley, Utah

This is the Geography page of the David Rush Travel Show. You can see where I’ve been on my journeys. You will see links to the 34 geographical pages to the right of this page. I will add pages as I go to new places I’ve never been; or if I’ve filmed so much of an area, I’ll break up the region or state into more pages. For example: I filmed so much of California, that I divided it up into 3 pages-Northern California; Central California and Southern California-as you will see on the side bar to the right.

If you scroll further down on the sidebar to the right, you’ll see the itinerary of all my journeys.

Yours in Travel

Below is a quick video of some of the places I been and a campaign that I started to film Europe