About Us

May 19, 2016



Hello, my name is David Rush. I’ve been on the road for 10 years-been to all 50 states, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, Bahamas and Mexico.
It has always been my dream to travel around the world.
This travel website is a public service to educate it’s viewers on various places to see, things to do and have them experience the unique peoples-their cultures and histories-from these travels.
I also want them to experience through me, that they too, can fulfill their dreams by putting forth the effort and that each of us can be creative and independent beings by taking the initiative and not succumbing to being dependent to the circumstances around us.
My show will be as real as you can get, most of it will be ad-lib as I go on my journeys except for sponsors along the route that provide the means to keep this show alive.
On most of our stops, we show people where to shop, eat, play & stay
You’ll see various lodging; restaurants; retail stores & tour/recreation sponsors

Thank you for helping an ordinary man on an extraordinary journey.

David Rush


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